Overview of the 2nd project period

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The Interdisciplinary Model of health and social indicators for participation in physical activities for children with disabilities including 30 assessment instruments has been implemented.

The project results from 7 interdisciplinary assessment packages include 242 data outcomes:
1) 105 gross motor function
2) physical skill measures
3) 40 cognitive skill measures
4) 45 physiological measures
5) 45 postural measures
6) 5 participation and daily physical activity measures
7) 9 qualitative study measures.

Project results have been included in seven presentations at four international conferences. Two manuscripts have been submitted in international journals while three manuscripts are in preparation. Also, the publicity of the project outcomes included social event, for example, the Researchers’ Night, 2016. The second version of the innovative technology prototype to monitor daily fitness level of children with disabilities has been developed and implemented in pilot projects for validation of the device.

Collaboration between researchers from the IECS, LASE and students contribute development of a new study course for health care and sport science students on innovative technologies to monitor and measure physical fitness level.

A.Klavina, Chief researcher of the project